360˚ Approach


We see the big picture, understand the process, and will handle all the details for you.

Floors and walls have become an industry of technology. Knowledge is the key to a successful installation. New installation techniques, new adhesives, new materials and computerized take-off ,and project management have revolutionized the industry. Keeping up with the latest and most efficient techniques is essential to the success of any project.

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Allstate Floors takes a holistic approach to floors and walls.

Clients can specify products or collaborate with one of our Business Development Associates to identify the correct products to meet their building and budgeting needs.

Once a product is identified, our services can include the following:

  • Materials receiving, with secure, safe, insured warehousing/storage, and delivery
  • Initial budget assessment including all associated costs
  • Project specification and scope definition
  • Site measure or take-off from plans
  • Material estimation and layout
  • Site evaluation and recommendations
  • Materials procurement
  • Site testing for moisture and alkalinity
  • Moisture remediation
  • Reclamation of existing materials
  • Quality installation
  • Site supervision
  • Job walk-through

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Allstate Floors is a knowledgeable, experienced, local, hands-on partner who's with you every step of the way. We provide commercial flooring products and services integral to professionals including general contractors, architects, interior designers, and property managers.

Since 1990 Allstate Floors has professionally completed projects ranging up to $2 million for a variety of facilities. Allstate Floors has provided flooring services for schools; hospitals and healthcare facilities; hospitality industry establishments; federal government projects including the Department of Defense and the Social Security Administration; condominiums and mixed-use facilities.

We see the big picture, understand the process, and handle all the details for you.

Team approach
Project collaboration with the focus on the client needs and expectations
Strong value proposition
Comprehensive flooring solutions based on more than price build long-term business relationships
Exceptional vendor partners
Our vendors share our goals and commitment to service excellence for our clients
Experienced management team
We understand the industry from years of experience, relationships within the construction industry, and active involvement in the professional associations that support the community.

Allstate Floors has over 20 years of experience in the commercial flooring industry. We are MBE and MDOT certified. Allstate Floors specializes in the installation of carpet, carpet tile, ceramic tile, hardwood floors, stone, marble and resilient flooring in commercial settings. We are a team committed to providing quality products and service with integrity and courtesy.


Wall Tile

Our team does not stop at the floor; we love to cover walls as well.

Technology plays a role even before we start the installation.

Allstate Floors’s estimating software Measure™ not only estimates material quantities but also gives you a 3D representation of the area that is being installed. This tool ensures that the walls are covered as per your client’s expectations. It also gives a great visual for use at the start of the design process.

Install Technique

Choosing the right installation technique for the application is essential. There are so many variables that experts in the field should always be used to install your tile and stone. A great looking install can be a disaster waiting to happen if the correct procedures are not followed. Allstate uses state of the art installation techniques defined by the manufacturer of the product ANSI and TCNA


If you’re looking for Ceramic, porcelain, stone, glass, feature metallic, deco, etc. You think of it we can install it.



Allstate Floors has over 20 years of experience in the commercial flooring industry. We are MBE and MDOT certified. Allstate Floors specializes in the installation of carpet, carpet tile, ceramic tile, hardwood floors, stone, marble and resilient flooring in commercial settings. We are a team committed to providing quality products and service with integrity and courtesy.

General contractors need timely bidding and experienced project management. Interior designers need specification services. Architects often need recommendations by flooring specialists to make sure they use the right product in the right application.

Allstate Floors is committed to finding the right solution for our clients. We are a knowledgeable, experienced, local, hands-on partner who is with you every step of the way.

Allstate Floors provides superior service and craftsmanship; from site inspection to unbiased product specifying and recommendation. Allstate Floors can do this because we are not aligned with anyone and we can sell and install any product in the market place. Allstate Floors will sincerely give you the best advice for that reason alone.

We are familiar with our clients' varying and complex flooring needs. We see the big picture. The whole process. And we handle all the details for you.

By providing a full range of options, including an assortment of supplementary services, Allstate Floors empowers customers to make the best possible choices for the most effective results.

Product Knowledge

Product Knowledge

Allstate Floors offers a full selection of quality flooring products. As an independent dealer we can source the materials that meet your needs. Independence ensures that all the choices available are considered. Go ahead use your imagination and Allstate will help you realize your dreams and make your project come to life.

Our team is here to help you identify and select the right product for the job. We have relationships with every major flooring provider so we may present not only the industry standard products, but also the latest trends in flooring design.

Product is not the end of the selection process however, budgeting needs to include installation, life cycle and other costs that are often not considered during the selection process. Our team will always ensure that the total cost of the flooring is considered and a true cost is considered.

If you need help with:

  • Carpet / Carpet Tile
  • Terrazzo
  • Ceramic and marble tile
  • Hardwoods / laminates
  • Resilient / rubber / vinyl and other hard surfaces
  • Specialty floors / ESD / Anti-microbial / slip resistant / epoxy

Please do not hesitate to contact the Allstate Floors Team.

We look forward to becoming your floor covering consultant and providing you the highest level of service and follow-through for all your projects. We are committed to you.

Project Management

Project Management

From objective advice on product selection to overseeing the procurement and installation of your floor covering, our professional Project Managers are here to help.

Allstate Floors is a knowledgeable, experienced, local, hands-on partner who is with you every step of the way. We see the big picture; the whole process. We handle all the details for you.

  • Pre-walk jobs assess existing conditions
  • Site measure to ensure accuracy of plans
  • Phasing / other trades / critical path
  • Substrate readiness assessment / testing
  • Order processing / delivery schedule / phasing requirements
  • Material receiving checking, warehousing and delivery to site
  • Installation / LEED sundries check / compliance / manufacturers specifications
  • Job site supervision / safety / trailer meetings
  • Change orders
  • Close-out documents / warrantees

Allstate Floors’s Project Managers have decades of experience. They have the knowledge and know-how to keep your projects on track. Accessible and professional our team will take every step to ensure the success of your project.

A&D Consultation

A&D Consultation

Our Business Development team is here to serve you. Access to a wide range of flooring products and the knowledge to build a complete budget will help you find the right product to meet your client's needs.

Our convenient central location in the Baltimore area allows our Business Development team to quickly come to you with different options for you to choose from. Dealer independence ensures that you will see the product selection you need with neutral opinion and advice at every stage of your decision process.

Specializing in Education, Hospitality, Hospitals and the Office environment our product library is open to the A&D community as a resource to bring clients to, or simply browse the selection. Allstate Floors has created product selection aligned to the market sector, making selection easier and less time consuming.



Floors and Walls

Nothing pleases the Allstate Floors team more than a great installation.

Allstate Floors installation teams have demonstrated mastery in flooring installation. Our mechanics and technicians are both trained certified with the latest innovative product requirements, site conditions, moisture abatement and adhesive technology. Our team of professionals uses state of the art installation techniques. With the usage of our advanced estimation technology by Measure™, Allstate Floors has the ability to automate the estimation process improving accuracy and turnaround time, while minimizing material waste.

Cognizant of LEED and environmental requirements of adhesive and preparation material, Allstate Floors will ensure compliance in all areas of installation, not just the product being installed.

Furniture Lift Systems (FLS)

Lift Systems

Replacing carpet in busy office space designed around modular furniture can be a logistical nightmare. Disassembling office furniture is expensive, add to it the cost of IT and then re-assembling plus employee down time and your carpet replacement becomes an expensive proposition.

Allstate Floors offers a unique solution to replacing carpet under modular furniture without the headaches of moving or loss of employee productivity.

Allstate Floors uses a Furniture Lift System to enable our clients to replace their carpet with the minimum of disruption to their employees, ensuring productivity and moral are kept high. Using a series of jacks the old carpet is removed and replaced with carpet tiles, our mechanics lift the modular furniture as a unit, providing space to complete the work efficiently.

Allstate Floors has been using the lift system methodology for over twelve years. Our experience shows that it is essential to work hand in hand with our clients, project planning, communication and logistics are key to a successful project. Working with your employees our team will ensure that expectations are set for how to prepare their space for the carpet replacement. Employees will return to work to find a new look to their work environment with little or no disruption to phone lines or computers systems.

Mechanics and installers perform the work at night or during your non-business hours. Our project managers will notify your associates when carpet replacement will begin and provide reports for your facility manager.


  • Replacement of existing broadloom and carpet tile with carpet tile in occupied office spaces
  • Custom designed jacks, lift devices and other tools ensure the majority of furniture can be handled.
  • Precision controlled devices allow for controlled lift.
  • Power, voice and data wires are protected. The lift system reduces the risk of costly repairs, replacement and downtime associated with damaged wires and cabling.
  • No moving, packing or disconnecting existing data or electrical wires that are built into the furniture system.
  • An estimated saving of 35% over conventional replacement with broadloom
  • Lift, Remove, Replace. Simple!

Systems furniture can often be the reason that your carpet replacement project is being delayed. Allstate Floors’s Furniture Lift System can help you realize your goals with as little disruption as possible to productivity and a definite boost to the office environment. For more information or to get a quote please do not hesitate to contact the Allstate Floors Team.

Winner of the MWMCA "Best Minority-Owned Construction Company of the Year" - May 2014

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