Mixed Use

Mixed-Use buildings by definition aren’t just for one use, so there isn’t just going to be one type of flooring in any of them.

Mixed-Use buildings house all types of spaces including residential, retail, office, and hospitality to name just a few. Each one of those spaces is going to require a different type of flooring that is market appropriate, esthetically pleasing, and cost effective. They tend to be amenity rich and pedestrian friendly, and range from low income projects to luxury high rise buildings. It takes a unique flooring contractor that understands the differences and commonalities between each project, and Allstate Floors does.

Whether it is sports flooring, stone, ceramic and porcelain tile, hardwood, luxury vinyl tile, carpet, or just about anything that goes on the floor, Allstate Floors has the experience to properly install it all.

Residential Units

Amenity Spaces

Retail / Storefronts