A&D Consultation

Have a Seat at Our Table

Our commercial staff welcomes interior designers, architects, facility managers, contractors, and clients to utilize our library and we are eager to offer our recommendations and assistance with product selection. We can assist with product selection, specifications, budget proposals, design creation, logistics, and professional installation. Our team is technically experienced and able to make appropriate flooring recommendations for your specific applications. At Allstate Floors we pride ourselves on ensuring our clients get what they want at a price that fit budget and meet the requirements of the project. Our contract specialists are knowledgeable about all aspects of commercial flooring projects. This helps to ensure the proper product is specified, which will not only perform in its environment, but guard against premature replacements and increased costs. Our convenient central location in the Baltimore area allows our team to quickly come to you with different options for you to choose from. Dealer independence ensures that you will see the product selection you need with neutral opinion and advice at every stage of your decision process. Specializing in Education, Hospitality, Hospitals and the Office environment our product library is open to the A&D community as a resource for clients to utilize. Allstate Floors has created product options aligned to the market sector, making selection easier and less time consuming.