Puerto Rico One

Puerto Rico One is a volunteer effort aimed at contributing to the long-term development of the island by questioning the solutions being proposed; mobilizing individuals and public opinion to impact the proposed solutions; and supporting this initiatives commenced on the island whose aim is to support the dramatic transformation of the island’s Economy.

When the dual hurricanes hit the island in 2017, we were compelled into action to assist in any manner possible. Knowing the devastation throughout the island, we were keenly aware that the central government in San Juan would be severely limited in their ability to attend to the needs of the entire island so we started an effort to provide direct assistance to the communities in the western region, so we raised funds, transported materials and equipment and raised awareness of the dire conditions that Puerto Rico would continue to face for decades.

As students of the fiscal crisis that Puerto Rico is facing, we began to notice a disturbing trend on the solutions being proposed for our island. We noticed that the solicitations were either of immediate duration or did not benefit the residents.

As a result, we joined our passion with others throughout the US and with dedicated individuals on the island who shared our vision that Puerto Rico’s economy must change to address the island’s needs now and into the future.